– Cost: Free of charge.

– This alphanumeric keyboard application can be configured as the default of the operating system : In this way appears automatically when you have to type text in any application.

– You can install this keyboard without uninstalling the traditional keyboards, and you can use them whenever you want.

– Sensitive to the movement: automatically rotates from portrait to landscape, and vice versa.

– Compatible with all versions of ANDROID operating system.

– This app does not use any network connection, so it can not transmit private information.

– Available the English and Spanish versions.


To use this keyboard please follow the next steps to activate it AFTER INSTALLATION:

1) Press MENU key
2) Click on the SETTINGS icon
3) Select LANGUAGE & KEYBOARD option:


In the list of Installed Keyboards MARK THE BOX of the Semialphabetic Keyboard.

Then It will appear the standardATTENTION MESSAGE (This message appears with all new keyboards. Semialphabetic keyboard does not use any network connection, so it can not transmit private information, so you can PRESS OK)

If you ONLY MARKED the Semialphabetic keyboard then it will appear automatically when you need to type text in any others applications.

Keyboards list

If you MARKED SEVERAL keyboards, then you can choose Semialphabetical in any other application by CLICKING IN THE TEXT BOX FOR A MOMENT, then it will appear the INPUT METHOD screen and you can select in the list of keyboards.

Choose input method